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December 1, 2007

New item Cash Shop item!!

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The new items are The Abominable Scarf,New Mood Bubbles,New Plushie and one strange gift box The OMG Box. On Monday, Piggy Plush,Tiny Wings,Green Egg Shell,Skeleton Skin and All Emerald-colored Wedding items are going to rotate out of the Cash shop.



November 26, 2007

New items and evolving item report!!!!

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November 16, 2007

Cash shop has been fixed!

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Hmm looks like cash shop is very busy till there got so many problem. The shopkeeper cannot control to many people.untitled.png

The November monthly Collectible item is coming!!!!

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Hello everyone!! I am new staff. I am Shadow_Heartless_Monster. You can call me Heartless.

Yea the November monthly Collectible is coming.But you must use Gaia cash or paypal. Looks like you can ride them. But I prefer using speed glitch. gaia8.png

Nice pet . A giant chick, a fierce wolf and cute tiger. Nevermind don’t be to upset. You can buy them at marketplace. If you don’t know how to do speed glitch. I will show you


November 14, 2007

Fausto’s bottle is changing!!

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I just realize Fausto’s bottle is so expensive.




Gaia Battle Website!!

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Gaia battle system is coming soon??


New quest!!!

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cheat11.pngYou will get 3ramens if you join this quest.

Not only you will see a pesky bird flying around. You get free event item!!! The free item is ramen! Click return.(If you click go to inventory you just get one ramen)cheat.png

Waddle on ~RoronoaZ


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Hi! Guys! I am new try to visit my blog daily.

Hello world!

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